SEO Editor PRO
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How it works:

  1. Search for your keyword
  2. Add Content Ideas
  3. Highlight Duplicate Content
  4. Tune Keyword Usage To Be Competitive


Calibrate the text editor to your topic.

Compare your word count to the page 1 average.

Keyword variations are the words that Google makes bold in the search results. They are an important clue as to which words make your page relevant for the search terms.

Entities are nouns that google understands. These entities are found in public databases like wikidata and freebase.

LSI is jargon for "all the other words that frequently appear in documents about your keywords."

Content Collectors put lists of content ideas at the push of a button to help your research your topic and to be authoritative.

Highlight duplicate content so you can make it unique and prevent indexing issues.

Add star schema to a page to help your Click Through Rate.

A fully featured text editor with advanced editor settings, code folding, find and replace, keyboard shortcuts, context menus, and live preview.

Right-click to refactor your content the way you like it.

View the content recipe to get the costing information for your creation.

Create an HTML shell to get a headstart on your technical SEO for standalone HTML pages.

Sign up to be an affiliate! %50 of first month and %10 of every month that follows.

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